On The More Personal Side: Lovely LOCAL Panties

IMG_0768Recently I met Hayley Besheer, designer and founder her own ‘panties’ or undergarment company,  called MADI Apparel, located in KC’s Westside neighborhood – just west of the crossroads. MADI Apparel is not just bought here in Kansas City, but sold nationally and even globally!

I now have a black and an off white pair from their ‘intimates’ line and love love they way they fit! What is super cool is for every pair of underwear you buy, they donate a pair to a woman in need.  Underwear is the most needed, under-donated article of clothing and tops the “Most Urgent Needs,” list at most domestic violence shelters. I truly did not know this! What I also appreciate is they are made here locally by a talented undergarments’ apparel designer named Laura Treas.

If you’re curious about the MADI Apparel, they are hosting an evening event Oct. 24th called #theGreatDonate at Hayley’s studio. Check out their website for further info. madiapparel.com

 Click here to donate to our non-profit subsidiary, MADI Donations, INC.


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