Rooms Of Shame

IMG_1379A new client, I met over a year ago, says she wishes she would have contacted me THEN! As we walked into her bedroom she throws her arms out wide and says, ‘Here’s the room of shame.’ She had piles of clothes on the bed, several plastic bins for us to sort through, then the bedroom closet plus another bedroom closet. After two afternoons worth ‘editing’…9 Goodwill bags and 5 resale (maybe), she says she is soooo relieved to have had me with her to help her understand what’s working and WHY and what’s NOT working and WHY and to permission to LET GO.

What was holding her back from contacting me sooner was the embarrassment of me seeing what she has bought and never worn AND what she has held on to knowing she should let it go AND instead of hiring me, she kept buying and making mistakes. (Sound familiar?) I reassured her not to be mortified of this wardrobe reality because most of us have been there. If you’re facing the ‘edit’ dilemma, trust me, I’ve never heard a client say she regrets it, just that she wishes she would have done it sooner. Contact me for your winter to spring wardrobe transition!


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