3-Step Process

Over the course of my career as a wardrobe stylist, I’ve developed a 3-step process: Edit, Shop, Style. From start to finish, we filter your closet, assess your personal needs, and streamline the shopping process to update your wardrobe to fit your lifestyle needs. As your personal ‘style’ coach, I make it fun and easy to love and wear everything in your closet, explore trying new fashions and flattering outfits, and to know you look stylish everyday or night of the week, e f f o r t l e s s l y.

The Edit

Editing your closet is evaluating what’s working, what’s not (scrutinizing), and most importantly WHY. I have you try on several pieces, so we can both see the cut, color and fit. If it looks fantastic, then it’s a keeper! If it doesn’t, we let it go. The goal of the ‘edit’ session is to:

  1. Determine what cuts and styles of clothes best compliment your body type. (No hiding behind baggy clothes!)
  2. Give you permission to cut loose and get rid of those worn out and out-of-date clothes (without the guilt!)
  3. Pinpoint what you need to fill in the gaps.

Please note: I have never seen a closet I can’t handle. Never worry about straightening your closet before I visit…that would be like cleaning your house before Merry Maids arrive!

The Shop

When you’re out shopping, do you find yourself gravitating toward the same or similar fashions you already have in your closet? (Are we in a rut?)

Or maybe your lifestyle has changed (new job, weight loss/gain, stay-at-home mom or working from home) but your closet doesn’t reflect your new routine? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a professional eye to give you a fresh perspective on your current style? After learning about you and your personal style, I will:

  1. Determine the essential ‘must have’ pieces to replace or add to your wardrobe.
  2. Discover and introduce new flattering looks and trends that compliment your body, life and personal style. (And gently take you outside your comfort zone!)
  3. Shop ahead of time, have a dressing room(s) set up and all you have to do is meet me at the store and try on new fashions! One of the best compliments I receive from clients is, “I never would have picked this out but I absolutely LOVE it!”

I’ve been ‘wardrobing’ people for a many years and can update and refine your style on any budget. Plus I have great rapport with Kansas City shops which makes for a distinctive shopping experience!

The Style

During a Style session, I can double your wardrobe by mixing and matching new and old favorites, creating multiple fashionable ensembles you never thought you had or never would have to put together! What’s even more awesome is I take photos of ALL the stylish outfits and create a ‘look book’ you can pull up on your computer or phone. Having this ‘look book’ will:

  1. Save you a TON of time getting ready for any occasion, especially dressing in the mornings!
  2. You’ll never stare into your closet and say, “I have nothing to wear!” AND
  3. You’ll always look polished, put together, and feel confident (and comfortable!) leaving for work, running to the store, picking up the kids, or attending a significant event.

After clients work with me, they often tell me they start creating new outfits they never would have considered before! They also say how inspired they are about looking more put-together and how often they get compliments on the new outfits they’re wearing!