I was referred to Jennifer by a few friends after constantly complaining about my closet. Clothes that I never wore – wrong sizes, out of style, or not “age appropriate” – Jennifer to the rescue! Her process is Edit, Shop, Style, which is very efficient. Jennifer comes into your closet and helps you purge the items you never wear or should NOT be wearing! The goal is to only end up with clothes you love and want to wear. Then shopping with Jennifer – you basically show up to stores you have agreed upon and she has a dressing room full of clothes she has hand-selected to augment your existing closet. Then there is a style session where she puts together outfits to show how items can be worn different ways along with your shoes and accessories. She photographs the outfits and gives you a personal web link or mini photo album with all your new outfits. You don’t have to think before early morning meetings anymore! Jennifer is professional, has a great sense of style and has made my life much easier!

- Ora

I enjoyed the experience of working with Jennifer and the process of reviewing my closet toward the much needed goal of resetting my wardrobe. To my surprise it did not turn out to be nearly as painful as I expected, although I had a few difficult moments in parting with an article or two I had become attached to over these many years. An added value to determining of what I owned that was no longer in fashion, was reviewing how my clothes fit. I was surprised that many pieces were not fitting as well they once did. We then went shopping, and Jennifer was spot on in selecting new pieces, and she was successful in fulfilling my passion for finding great sale items. I would recommend jennifer if you are looking for a review or improvement in your current fashion inventory!

- Jim

Jennifer’s approach to my wardrobe was nothing short of amazing!

I recently lost 35 lbs. and was feeling pretty out of step with my own clothes. My plan is to reach my goal weight and then purchase new clothes, so my current clothes needed to work for me until I reach that point. Jennifer came in and took an extremely limited number of clothes and came up with 25 new outfits, plus ideas for lots more with the addition of just 2-3 more basic pieces. To say I was stunned and excited would be putting it mildly!

And the range of outfits was great too. As a wife, mother of 2 young children and a business owner, I need outfits which work no matter what I’m doing…and I need to look sharp. Jennifer has given me that ability with a little investment and all right there in my closet!!

The pictures she took help so much…I refer to them, not only to see what pieces form the outfits, but ideas for accessorizing as well. What a great tool! Jennifer’s services are invaluable and I plan on using her again once I reach my goal weight!

- Nicole

Jennifer’s “Edit. Style. Shop.” wardrobe rescue process really helped me ditch 10-15 years of unworn, ill-fitting clothing and replace it with items I am excited to wear, are in style and fit both my figure and career. Every day, it seemed I would run behind trying to figure out what to wear! In her style sessions, Jennifer puts together outfits and gives you a look-book, so all the guesswork is gone. Besides clearing my closet, she has really helped clear my head! I can’t say enough about her style service, which both my husband and I have taken advantage of in the past year.

- Krista

Jennifer is such a creative and fun person that I actually enjoyed tackling this huge obstacle of letting things go that I never wear (the closet ‘edit’)!

- Beti

Working with Jennifer couldn’t have been easier. She knew I didn’t have the patience for shopping. I’m busy starting a new consulting practice and had to transition my wardrobe from casual graduate student to sharp professional. When we met for our shopping appointment, she already had clothes selected and ready to try on in the dressing room. It saved me the time and frustration of searching through racks of clothes.

Jennifer gently encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone with color and find pieces that I never would have considered. Her styling and shopping assistance made it convenient and saved me from a closet of nothing but black and grey.

- Kyle

Jennifer is an amazing woman. Not only is she extremely stylish and fashion forward, she is very insightful and interested in knowing her clients’ personalities, activities and thus their wardrobe needs. She has coaxed me into trying some items that I would have otherwise ignored on the rack, which I now love! Thus far, I have done the ‘editing’ phase and the ‘shopping’ phase with Jennifer. I’m looking forward to the ‘styling’ phase, where she incorporates items that I already own, along with new pieces, into a variety of outfits and different ‘looks’ that I can wear to create the image of effortless chic. I highly recommend working with Jennifer to expand your style horizons!

- Nancy

I recently hired Jennifer as a birthday present for my wife. She was very punctual, extremely supportive and, above all, well worth the small amount she charges. I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. My wife greatly benefited from someone on her side of the sale, helping her choose clothes that fit her individual style.

- Tim

Jennifer came over to my house prepared and ready to get the job done. She was focused and prepared to help me with my closet full of clothes that I didn’t know how to put together into appropriate outfits for my age. She looked through my clothes and helped me determine what needed to stay, what needed to go, what needed updating and what pieces I needed to fill in the gaps. When Jennifer left I had a whole new appreciation for the clothes in my closet and how they could be worn. Jennifer laid out each outfit complete with shoes and accessories like necklaces and bracelets! Not only that, she took photographs of each outfit! I was left with so many more outfits than I could imagine! And having the photographs was wonderful because I could never remember all the wonderful combinations she came up with! I can’t wait to have her over to look at my closet again, I think I will have her focus on winter party wear!

- Tammy

Jennifer went through my closet to see what wasn’t needed (and just plain shouldn’t be there) anymore. She was able to clear quite a bit of space which made it all that much more fun going shopping! She put together some items that I hadn’t even thought of before, and then she went shopping with me. She actually went to the store ahead of me and had several things picked out so that all I had to do was try them on…what a wonderful shopping trip that was! She’s got a great eye on how things go together and can definitely spruce up an old closet in no time.

- Marcie