“So, to all the husbands of working moms out there… I bought Stephanie an Edit, Shop, Style session (a package on her website/itssou.co) from a personal fashion consultant who owns her own company called it’s so U!

Jennifer Niehouse spent over 12 hours with Stephanie, helping her clean out all the old stuff in her closet, and then met her for multiple shopping sessions at Oak Park Mall and the Plaza, helping her build out a fresh new wardrobe for her to wear to work, and then spent several hours at our house styling each of the outfits by accessorizing with shoes and jewelry that she recommends Stephanie wear with each outfit. She then created a customized website for Stephanie to reference as she picks out her outfits each day. For Stephanie, this turned out to be a perfect way to help her as she, like any other working mom, is incredibly busy, and it takes a lot of time to build out a successful wardrobe with jewelry, and shoes, etc. Jennifer is beyond professional to work with and treated Stephanie like royalty.

Stephanie Cauble Makalous was a bit apprehensive at first, but she and Jennifer hit it off, and she trusts her judgment implicitly. Ironically, I found out about it’s so U! and Jennifer, because of another FB post from our friend Tami Radohl Sigley. So… I’m just passing this on, perhaps a husband out there will read this and find that this too is the perfect gift for your wife for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day or her Birthday! if you have ?’s, PM me, Kevin Makalous or Stephanie, or contact Jennifer directly at Jennifer@itssou.co or 816-728-1121. Can’t recommend her enough! She’s amazing!